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In Peace with Nature...

For CLK, environmental awareness means not an after-tacked image but an indispensable part of our life philosophy. All our employees, regardless of their title and responsibilities, are enthusiastic to attend environmental awareness training sessions.


Sustainable Environment Policy:

  • To comply with the Turkish Environmental Legislation and relevant local legislation and to implement best practices in accord with international standards for any projects that we undertake,
  • To emphasize sustainability policies and adopt and constantly develop environmentally friendly production technologies, regardless of their initial high investment costs, to minimize any environmental and social risks that could arise from our activities, 
  • To consider environmental factors when deciding on any investments and procurement services, 
  • To train every employee, from every department, every management level, on environmental awareness, so they can turn it into a life philosophy and instil in all our subcontractors and suppliers the same awareness regarding environmental and social responsibility,
  • To continue practising energy consumption reducing activities as an environmentally aware company,
  • To reduce waste at their point-of-origin, by implementing a sustainable waste management practice; to ensure that waste is created at a minimum, is reused or recycled, and properly disposed of,
  • To use eco-friendly transportation methods,
  • To invest in technologically modern vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and to separately reduce CO2 emissions stemming from manufacturing and services,
  • To implement our management systems efficiently and to systemically make environmental analyses.