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Quality Policy

CLK Management believes that our management system should entirely focus on the wellbeing of our customers and stakeholders, and as a result, pledges to,

  • Provide quality services at low costs by focusing on impeccable workflows,
  • To create a timely, concise, and effective corporate communication system that uses the latest technology to interact with our internal/external customers, suppliers, and all third parties, 
  • To establish, implement, and improve an ISO 9001 quality management system and to audit performance criteria and process activities to locate areas of improvement, to ensure that activities comply with legal and professional standards, and to create a sustainable system structure,
  • To emphasize teamwork by encouraging managers and employees to participate in all processes, in accord with our company's participative and pluralist management style, 
  • To increase customer satisfaction by adopting impeccable services, keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, efficiently manage customer feedback, eliminate procedures that do not create value and efficiently use resources to improve response times for services, reduce unnecessary costs, 
  • To develop our monitoring processes to implement activities in a more efficient, correct, secure, and timely manner,  
  • To comply with all customer and legal requirements,
  • To determine any data security risks related to information belonging to our company, our customers, suppliers, and business partners, and to establish a continuously improving data framework that systemically assesses and eliminates any possible future risks,
  • To determine and address any possible quality-related, environmental, and occupational health risks in our procedures,
  • To identify any possible conditions at our warehouses and in our procedures that could cause environmental and occupational health accidents and to implement the necessary precautions,
  • To ensure that educational activities held as part of training and advisory events are fully attended and to raise awareness,
  • To provide sustainable services that comply with international standards, increase training opportunities aimed at self-development, increase cultural and social activities, and raise social awareness regarding the benefits of such events, publicise them widely and help create a corporate culture,
  • To comply with national, international, industry-related legislation, legal and standard related requirements, obligations arising from agreements, and requirements stemming from corporate responsibilities aimed at internal and external stakeholders,
  • To meet all requirements as part of the Personal Data Protection Law 6698 (K.V.K.K) and other legislations that relate to the collection, process, transfer, protection, and secure disposal of personal data/information belonging to employees, customers, visitors, suppliers, business partners, and third parties.

We are committed.