According to the generally accepted definition, sustainable development is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Climate change has now become the most urgent problem on our planet and it is our obligation to leave the planet as a self-sustainable system for future generations. With the awareness of this responsibility, CLK opts for alternatives with less carbon emissions and tries to stay away from modes of transport that consume fossil-fuels.

Our Policy of Sustainable Environment:

  • In the projects we undertake, we comply with the provisions of the Turkish Environmental Legislation and legislation of the relevant countries that we operate and we put the best practices into effect that comply with international standards,
  • We select and constantly develop eco-friendly technologies in order to minimize the environmental and social risks that may arise from our activities by emphasizing sustainability policies and affording probable high initial investment costs,
  • We take environmental issues into account in all investment, procurement and service providing decisions,
  • We provide trainings about environmental issues for all employees ranging from the top management to the ones with the lowest rank in order to make environmental awareness a philosophy of life, and we promote environmental and social responsibility among our subcontractors and suppliers,
  • As a company with environmental awareness, we do our best to reduce the use of energy in our operations,
  • We try to reduce pollution at the source through sustainable waste management, minimizing waste generation, waste disposal and reusing, recycling and recovery of waste,
  • We use alternative ways of transport that cause less harm to the environment,
  • We invest in vehicles with state-of-the art technology in order to reduce CO₂ emissions, and we try to reduce CO₂ emissions that stem from production and services on a best effort basis,
  • We apply management systems effectively and regularly carry out environmental analyses within this context,
  • We continuously improve and update sustainability practices by reviewing all phases of our activities,
  • We continue our operations with a sustainable development approach and do our best to pass down a viable environment to future generations,
  • We transparently share the practices related to the policy of sustainable environment with our stakeholders.

Head Office

Büyükdere Caddesi No: 163
34394 Zincirlikuyu,
Şişli – İstanbul
+90 (212) 306 50 00
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Dubai Office

CLK Transport FZE
Office No: FZJOA2001
Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai – Unites Arab Emirates
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