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Notes from our Journey, from Local to Global

The main route of this journey that we embarked on with the DNA of our parent company is the modern Silk Road that stretches from China to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Staying true to our motto "Makes the World Accessible" and thanks to our ever-growing list of local representatives, we provide our stakeholders with the advantage of being "local" while enriching them with our "global" worldview that stems from our parent company.

Projects that have been tailored to the current zeitgeist help us develop solutions for the business models of the future. Our entrepreneurial and perfectionist worldview helps us achieve maximum customer satisfaction and thus further cements our mutual relations.

Our motto is...

  • Our employees, customers, suppliers and all our stakeholders are the cornerstones of our business.
  • We see transparency and open communication channels as vital parts of our being and always strive to fulfil these requirements under all circumstances.
  • We emphasize teamwork without compromising on dependability, honesty, and fairness. Our dynamic and innovative team combines a can-do attitude with new approaches and always believes in improving themselves through constant learning.
  • The main pillars of our company rest on logistics, trade, and procurement while our hearts and minds are filled with the values of our ancestors and social responsibility. As a result, you can see the importance we attach to humanity and the value we add to society and the world in general in all our works.
  • Our unwavering commitment and priority in all the countries we operate in is to do business without damaging the environment and exhausting its resources. "Sustainability" is always our key motivator and helps us co-exist respectfully with the environment and society. Because we are part of nature as well. We live in harmony with it, we do not fight it.

Best Regards