Intermodal Transportation

CLK can deliver the cargo to be transported by multiple modes of transport using integrated systems without the need for handling thanks to its liaison offices at key locations of the geographical region it operates. These combined logistics services, which include multiple modes of transport, provide customers with advantages in terms of both cost and sustainability. Intermodal transportation minimizes the negative impact on the environment and contributes to sustainability especially with its use of railway and maritime transport. In this respect, intermodal transportation has become a much more preferred combined mode of transport in recent years.

Railway Transportation

Railway transport has been integrated by CLK into the other logistic services in its portfolio due to its significance in terms of tonnage and cost elements, and its future potential. Railway transport via Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line and the Middle Corridor route crossing the Caspian Sea are the two main railway routes that CLK benefit from. CLK fully benefits from the advantages of rail transport in terms of cost and tonnage in intermodal transport and conventional rail transport. It shares the benefits of these advantages that are related to sustainability with its customers.

Sea Transportation

CLK delivers cargo loads throughout the Mediterranean, Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the Caspian Sea via Volga-Don Canal by using river boats. In addition, it provides customized solutions to meet specific needs in maritime transport, including FCL and LCL type container shipments thanks to its international memberships and reputable business partners.

Project Cargo

CLK provides project cargo transportation services for oversized and heavy-weight cargoes that require special equipment and solutions for delivery. Intermodal transportation is also frequently used in these projects, which require specific level of expertise and experience for the provision of solutions that are specific to the project or the customer. CLK, which is well-known for providing customer-specific and innovative solutions, tries to use environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives with low carbon emissions. Thanks to its experience gained from previous projects and its cooperation with professionals and reliable local partners that help build up strong local relations, CLK works closely together with its customers in such projects and offers innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Road Transportation

CLK provides road transport services along the route of modern Silk Road between Europe and China extending throughout Central Asia, the Caucasus and Turkey. Thanks to its collaboration with reliable solution partners in different countries, CLK carries out full and partial transportation operations in the relevant countries.

Air Transportation

Having powerful and reliable connections with national airlines of the countries located in the geographical region it has been operating, CLK provides the most reliable and rapid service in different areas of air transportation ranging from the smallest cargo loads to charter transport.

Head Office

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Dubai Office

CLK Transport FZE
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